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Who is Serenity Meeks?


Serenity A'dah Meeks was born August 21, 2011.  7 weeks earlier than her due date making her premature.  At 3 pounds 7ounces, little Serenity was anxious to see what the world had to offer, so after a months stay in Las Colinas Medical Center's NICU, it was time for her to go home and let the adventures to begin! 

Serenity is a charismatic, and loving child who enjoys dancing, swimming, acting, hanging out with family, and eating delicious food on her YouTube Channel! Her love for food came from her mother who introduced her to different varieties of foods at an early age.  Serenity's mom always wanted her to try something once before assuming she wasn't going to like it.  This gave Serenity a broad spectrum on foods and culture.  Fun Fact: She was using chopsticks at the tender age of 3!  That's pretty impressive!

The love of food, particularly noodles and chicken are what inspired Serenity and her mother to create the Noodles and Chicken brand.  Serenity LOVES all variations of noodles and any type of chicken!  

Miss Serenity has big dreams for Noodles and Chicken to expand!  With expansion she plans to give back.  Serenity has an enormous heart for the homeless and wants to feed, clothe, and shelter as many as she can.  As her brand grows she and her mom plan to start a non profit to help feed delicious meals to homeless individuals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.

If you'd like to support Serenity, and Noodles and Chicken you can do so here-



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